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About Us

cottars1920_4.jpgExclusive Eco Travels, a member of the Ecotourism Society of Kenya offers clients secure, luxury tours and safaris in Kenya based on eco-tourism principles.  We offer high-end eco-rated facilities and services to leisure and business travelers with an added security service. This experience will be underpinned by the element of security and eco-tourism so as to ensure that whilst the getaway is memorable, there is a feeling of safety and a user-friendly approach towards the environment and local communities.

At Exclusive Eco Travels, we go out of our way to ensure your trip is not just your typical safari accompanied by enchanting game but will also encompass a guilt-free conscience due to your involvement in working to reverse the human effects of climate change. Hence profits for service providers will be attained while at the same time ensuring the environment and local communities benefit positively from each and every visitor’s experience.

How do we do this?

RICH012.jpgWe have taken special care to choose partners who follow principles of eco-tourism in their operations. The lodges have their operations accredited by Kenya’s Ecotourism Society of Kenya.  Our security partner is also highly experienced in the field and been involved in arranging security operations for high end level dignitaries visiting the country. Successful outcomes have been the only outcome of their operations.

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